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Who are we?

As great travel enthusiasts, we had the chance to visit many countries, different places, different cultures, different languages... With the only common point of organizing everything ourselves each time. We like to discover, admire, meet, share... Long story short, we like to grow. We like backpacking trips as much as road trips, or being able to rest in comfortable hotels. We also like to discover all kinds of accommodation. The only things we don't really like when we travel: insects for Pauline, a real phobia, and the seabeds for Fanny, no way for her to go scuba diving!!





My travel favourites? Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Panama, Portugal

My dream destinations? Peru, Canada, Nepal, Australia and Antarctica.

I am also passionate about gastronomy, baking, nature, and even if it can be hard to believe: I love organizing events or stays! I just love to organize everything and see how it makes people feel, see the sparks in their eyes. 

How did I get started? When several friends asked me why I wouldn't make of my passion my job. Being of a very resourceful nature, full of good tips and with a well-filled address book, I therefore decided to get started! Having a professional experience in project management, I decided to combine my passion for traveling and my organizational skills for your service. This is how I became a Travel Planner!



After many years in the pharma industry, including as a manager, I decided to leave and have a life experience! After a few weeks planning, a visa and a full backpack, I was gone for a work holiday visa in Australia!

My goal? To discover the amazing country, to work there, and fill this year with travels and discoveries: Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan or new Zealand. 


What does Traveling mean to me? Sharing, discovering, and growing from each new experience. 

For me, planning and organizing my travels is part of the process... especially because I really enjoy that part! 

That's why it was totally logical for me to start a new experience as Travel Planner!

A common passion, two similar energies and complementary skills: the secret of Dreamandpack!


Do not hesitate to ask us your questions via the contact form!

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