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Japan promises you a whirlwind of emotions. Seemingly overcrowded and hyper-connected, the Land of the Rising Sun has many surprises in store for you, upheaval guaranteed!


Japan combines modernity and tradition, and will fascinate you until the very  last second. ​ The effervescence of Tokyo, the overwhelming history of Hiroshima, the countless temples and shrines of Kyoto, the intrepid Osaka, or  the connection with nature and traditions in the Japanese Alps. Despite huge cities, there is a zen and soothing atmosphere in Japan.


Be ready for an intense cultural shock: You will be able to recharge your batteries in the onsens, discover very traditional accommodation, or even experience one of the best cuisines in the world. Through various rituals, you will go from surprise to surprise. ​


Finally, Japan will amaze you by its people. Your notion of respect will take on a whole new scale. You can only enrich yourself from this change of scenery.

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