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Let yourself be carried away by the exceptional nature and the spirituality of this Hindu island located in the first Muslim country in the world. There is in Bali a spiritual serenity which can denote from the effervescence of the capital city.


The Island of Gods will amaze you with its temples, its rice terraces, its luxuriant hills, and the kindness of its inhabitants. Ubud will bewitch you with its music, dances and other Balinese arts. ​ Bali will be able to reveal many facets to delight every curious person who will set a foot on its soil.

The more adventurous can enjoy volcanoes such as Mount Agung or Mount Batur, whose ascent at sunrise will delight the bravest. But Bali also promises wonders to any beach and peace lover with its heavenly beaches. With seabeds sheltering unique fauna and flora, it will amaze divers and challenge the most daring surfers. ​


Add to that a local gastronomy that will delight your taste buds at a lower cost, and accommodations like you have rarely seen, and you will come back refreshed and with only one desire: to go back there!

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